Financial Support and Donations

The Ministry Outreach is solely funded through gifts and kind contributions from individual donors and through fundraising. Humbly, we acknowledge the donations from various sectors of life. Our appreciation extends towards those who volunteer their talents and their time. There are many donations from general merchant stores, food banks, solicitations, medical institutes, and those who donate through the Charity Website.


All donations are voluntary contributions that support neighboring communities and is used for charity programs. Refunds are returned upon request using the same method given except cash donations. Cash donations will be returned via check  form after 10 days of a written request.

Thank you for your continued support.   May the Lord continue to grant you favor in all that you inspire to do…….

He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given.                                                         PROVERBS 19:17


Mail solicitation – the postal mailing  and physical handing out of flyers and bible tracks detailing the outreach Ministry and program activities that are offered to the homeless and indigent. Locations, dates and times.

Email solicitation – Utilizing social networks that assist to tell the origin and sole purpose of the outreach Ministry. Upcoming events, invitations to attend day and evening bible study, requests for donations thru Ministry website, prayer and bible requests and guest speakers. In addition to correspondence and a resource guide.

Personal solicitations- Participation in speaking engagements, revivals, and churches within Los Angeles County. Giving an opportunity for the  Lord to touch hearts, so as to share and invest in the vision of the outreach Ministry to help homelessness ; Be it financial, transportation, volunteers, crisis prevention and or prayer.

Fundraising for equipment donations- Monthly donation bins for program needs are placed in high traffic locations. The outreach Ministry telephones, email, or personally solicit, hospitals, nursing homes, or medical supply stores for items such as walkers, canes, crutches, used eye glasses and elastic knee, adult diapers , sanitary napkins and elbow bandages. Oftentimes the homeless or indigent misplace items or they are stolen.

Telephone fundraising and solicitation- the outreach Charity with volunteers, call businesses within the Venice communities and promote awareness  to the growing population of homeless on the west coast beaches. We then  ask to kindly take the time to review all credentials as to the validity and transparency of the outreach Ministry displayed on the Website. We pray the Lord’s Will and that a contribution is made.

Grants  and proposals – currently the outreach Ministry is writing proposals large and small, that will allow this organization to receive additional funding, in order to achieve our long term goals. The hope is to obtain funding, to rent or to own a building large enough to serve as an avenue for the homeless to use according to a population need. Several ideas consist of a storage facility or locker format for personal items. The current Information Resource program will expand. There is also a vision for an electrical charging center for wheelchairs, mobile breathing machines and cell phone charging.



For without ME you can do nothing John 15:5

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