Thomas Parsons Jr  Servant of the LORD

The mission of this growing Ministry Outreach is to diligently search for lost souls, whatever their social standing. The purpose is to offer the hand of repentance teach and demonstrate God’s Salvation Plan through the Love of His Son, Christ. In Santa Monica and Venice Beaches to the Downtown Los Angeles communities, the outreach Ministry serves individuals, many homeless, disabled and seniors who are on fixed or low income. The majority of testimonies from a person’s view of their reality and state of mind, draws compassion. Many lack the daily necessities that are essential for day to day living; transportation to accessible resources within ones community and a listening ear with words of encouragement. The goal has been to promote Spiritual growth to strengthen each soul. Our hope is to enable the communities to participate in the progress of each Program Activity outlined, collectively getting involved. 

This website was created to enlighten people of the seriousness of homelessness and isolation and how the efforts of a few can make a difference in a persons life. Many do not voice that they need help out of pride and embarrassment. Testimonies are often that of depression and hopelessness and it can not be ignored. Here are services that are offered to those in need: Individual and Group Prayer, Bible Studies with a question and answer Forum, Sack Lunch Program, Clothing and Hygiene Kit Distribution, Food Boxes for the Indigent and Transportation to Cold Weather Shelters. There is also an Information Resource Referral Program where we work with other Nonprofit Organizations to assist in placement and personal need. A daytime open question and Answer Forum, is held by the Muscle Beach Gym three times per week. Tourists and Community ask random questions on any topic and where it can be found within the bible. An evening Bible Study which includes Hospitality Fellowship were we greet and meet each other and build unity and friendships. Throughout the day, all are welcomed to utilize an open telephone line, whereas to answer any bible text questions, prayer or simply have the need to vent and plainly express what’s on your heart. All are welcomed and there is no fee.

Ambassadors for Christ Ministries Walking in the Anointing is  Charity registered with the IRS, the State of California and Charitable Trusts. An approved  501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Charity that has the status of Active.  All donations are tax deductible with itemized invoice and receipt. 

For without ME you can do nothing John 15:5

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