1. INDIVIDUAL PRAYER– promotes intercession for the person who feels hopeless , depressed or just need spiritual direction. The demand from the public and years of presenting Evangelical Ministry has those request this service,encouraged,hopeful,uplifted and strengthened facing a more positive way of living. There is no fee or charge. Everyone is welcomed. This program activity is on an as need basis, either in person or on the evening telephone prayer line.

2. BIBLE STUDIES AND QUESTION AND ANSWER FORUM– as teachers of God’s Word, the Ministry freely shares knowledge to enhance and deepen the study of His Word, to believers, atheist, and new believers alike. All truths and facts are based from the Scripture. This program is administered by Evangelist Thomas W. Parsons Jr. It is held in Venice Beach ,Ca and in-home bible studies with Hospitality Fellowships. Services are held 3 times per week near the Muscle Beach Gym. Topics are chosen by the public and all are welcomed. There is no fee.

3.CLOTHING– Clothing is donated to the Ministry,sorted and stored in a storage facility. During services, the needs of the homeless and public are assessed. Adequate clothing is then distributed to accommodate seasons and present weather conditions. This service is held 3 times per week directly to individuals. Public donations are also dropped off in clothing bins provided by the Ministry. Clean comfortable clothing are accepted. Shoes donated must not appear overly used or worn down. The Ministry has begun to accept items such as sleeping bags ,blankets ,sweaters ,jackets, coats, pants for the upcoming Winter months.

4. SACK LUNCHES-This program started as a humbled gesture to those sleeping on the stadium stairs, sand, doorways and alleys. The Ministry provides lunches thru donations and petty cash reserve. This program is performed 3 times per week serving 150 + lunches per month. Every lunch is free. It is a joyous program where it provides an opportunity to share the gospel and offer individual prayer.

5. HYGIENE DISTRIBUTION-Personal hygiene kits are in high demand. This program distributes 3 times per week and is funded thru donation. Donations consist of : toothbrushes and toothpaste, bar soaps, shampoo and conditioners, deodorant and disposable razors, feminine hygienes, adult depends and and pads, toilet tissue and plastic combs and brushes. There is no fee and services are rendered to the indigent and homeless in any area or location where there is a need.

5. INFORMATION RESOURCES– Network and collective research from various Institutions, aids to help those effected by life’s struggles. This program assist not only to prevent sleeping on the streets and beaches of Los Angeles county thru referrals, but bus tokens are given to transport to shelters and missions. Services are given on an as need basis and there is no fee. This program is funded thru donation and petty cash reserve.

6. EVENING TELEPHONE PRAYER LINE– This program is for all who desire to call and ask for bible scriptures, a telephone bible study, individual prayer, information resources, or donation inquiry. Hours begin from 10am to 11pm. All are welcome

For without ME you can do nothing John 15:5

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