The actual in-depth meaning for Passover is that the LORD passed over all of the House of Israel. The LORD GOD executed His judgment between Egypt and Israel. Many are taught that Passover symbolizes Israel being freed from the slavery of Egypt 430yrs…… Let take a look on what the bible says….

Now we must always remember that the House of Israel consist of 12 tribes of different groups of people, for God’s purpose.That the Lord does not just recognize one group of peoples. Rev 7:3-9

Trivia note: Ex 2:1 Moses was the son of a Levite family that lived in Egypt in Africa. Levi is the name of one of the12  tribes of the people of Israel. They are known as the priests.

Ex 12:5-14 For I will pass thru the land this night and smite all first born in the land man and animals  and against all the gods of Egypt. I will execute Judgment: I am the LORD. And the blood shall be as a token on the houses where you are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. ( the destroyer passed over His children) you shall keep it as a feast by ordinance forever.

So let’s recap…Ex 12:23-27 The Passover is kept as a memorial feast to the LORD  to remember forever how the LORD passed over and spared those of the House of Israel.

Ex 12: 31- 38 After these events occurred, Pharaoh told Moses and Aaron to take Israel and  go and serve the LORD as you requested. And bless me by leaving Egypt.

The whole purpose of them leaving Egypt was so they can go and serve the LORD. Ex7:15, 8:20




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